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Re: Moving with your center

Before you can ride a bike, you need to get 'it'. Same thing here, and its not a big deal.

Everybody's minds are wired differently, so to get to one point, there are many approaches you can take. So far nothing's working. One problem is if you believe that there are set rules that you must follow to accomplish awareness of your body. There isn't, only guides. Thus you are at the stage of fudo genri... its not about generating energy. Its about unification of your body, mind and spirit.

So one of the easiest way to control your body is not by commanding it, but by fooling it. You are trying to command your ki extension from your center to your hands. In essence, your ability to use your hands already mean you can extend ki. But that's not the type of feeling you want with tenkan. So, don't command it to flow there, instead put it in a situation where it is already there.

One way is to imagine you are holding a baby with both your hands. Hold underneath it gently, it is sleeping, now as your partner takes hold of you, forget about him and concentrate on that baby. You can't let the gap enlarge between your hands. Hold it lightly so as not to disturb the baby. Now move, make sure you hold the baby steady. See how that tenkan works for you.

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