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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Reuben Yap wrote: View Post
If there is indeed a special way in doing this technique, I'll be very interested on your findings with your Senseis and Sempai.
Actually, what i mean with the "special way" is doing the technique by being aware of uke's safety. Which is different with the way of applying it to real attackers.

Reuben Yap wrote: View Post
I humbly suggest that you try resisting the technique WITHOUT rolling in that if you feel the forward projection, just post your leg forward instead of going into a roll. Make sure you trust your partner lest he break your arm for your 'resistance' which is not what we're looking for . I'll post a video on this later today when I go to the dojo.
Okay i will try it. Actually i had an experience resisting when i trained this technique, but my sensei was aware and he told me that i have to roll and follow the direction, otherwise i will break my arm if i resist this technique and the nage put strong pressure by his center in applying this technique.
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