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Re: On who should teach beginners

I also come from the tradition where the top instructor is directly involved with beginners and beginners classes... and I also think it was a positive thing for me right from the beginning and still is. And that it helped me get hooked in the first place.

Everything starts with the fundamentals -- they're not just basic in the sense of 'beginner' or coming first, but basic in the sense that they're at the core of everything. So why not teach them as well as possible right from the start? Also when the top instructor teaches a class, everyone is more likely to come, and I think this benefits both the beginning students, who learn more from training with someone who knows what they're doing, and the more advanced ones, who learn things from continually re-exploring fundamental concepts and movements and seeing (and doing) them in a way they couldn't when they just started, and who also learn from practicing with new people.

And personally I think it's a good balance to the tendency many people get into to only ever want to do everything fast and hard (or complicated, etc) - (very common among intermediate students, even when you're still doing something wrong) . I think when you see Sensei teaching beginner's classes himself, it's easier to really believe that doing things 'fancy' or 'aggressively' aren't the only things that matter for quality. Of course that slower and more basic approach is balanced out by all the all levels and advanced classes...

We have classes every day, though - Sensei teaches 4 days a week (beginners, all levels, advanced, and weapons), but that still leaves the other three days (beginners and all levels), which are divided between several students, as well as times when Sensei is traveling. So we do both ways, I guess...

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