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On who should teach beginners

In another thread, Mr. George Ledyard said:

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I do not teach the beginners classes (something recommended by my teachers)....
I was wondering if you could expand on the reasons for this, Mr. Ledyard. It jives with my experience in aikido, but the tradition in Yagyu Shinkage-ryu is that, at least at the beginning of a keiko session, newer people are matched up with the most veteran members of the dojo, and the most inexperienced person receives instruction from the soke himself. (Relatedly, even when one learns to do uchidachi, they are not allowed to do it with the newbies, but rather only with those of similar or higher level.) This makes sense to me, as the most experienced practitioners have the skills and control to pull the student into the proper shape (without getting injured by the weird things newbies tend to do). I was wondering for what reasons your teachers have recommended that you not teach beginners. I'm not looking to criticize or argue; I'm just interested in hearing another perspective.

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