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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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Me just thinking again . . .

Handedness doesn't appear to be a large factor in the acquisition of oral language, or reading skills. However, Handedness can impact writing skills (my understanding is that Takeda Sokaku was left handed) (handedness needn't be a big factor, but it can be come one under certain conditions) particularly in a society that didn't "allow" for left handers.
But his left-handedness should have affected his martial arts training in weapons.

But to have a Samurai Japanese Papa looking over your shoulder who's idea of motivation is burning moxa on your finger nails . . . well that might JUST be enough to turn a person off of writing for life! No special disability required!!
Sokichi burning his fingernails was, I believe, because Sokaku participating in sumo tournaments. Not motivation but punishment.

When he was a boy, Sokaku used to participate in amateur Sumo tournaments held in little villages here and there. He would win the "gonin-nuki" or "junin-nuki" tournaments and walk away with all the prize money. Sokaku's father, Sokichi, was an established ozeki and rikishi of the Aizu Clan and even had live-in students. If a son of such a professional continued to sweep away the prizes at Sumo tournaments for amateurs at various villages, it would be compromising to his reputation as a professional ozeki. As a result, Sokaku was forbidden to attend these Sumo tournaments. On the days when there were festivals at villages, the father did not let Sokaku out of the house. He was kept in the dojo to practice bojutsu. Young Sokaku wanted to go to the festivals so badly that he was scolded for training half-heartedly. Sometimes he managed to escape and go to the festivals; then he would come home with all the prizes. In the end Sokaku's father got angry and burned a huge pile of moxa on both his thumbnails. His thumbs were severely burned, and it took two months for them to heal. I personally saw his cracked thumbnails, which Sokaku said were the result of his father burning moxa on them.
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