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Allen Beebe
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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

Me just thinking again . . .

Handedness doesn't appear to be a large factor in the acquisition of oral language, or reading skills. However, Handedness can impact writing skills (my understanding is that Takeda Sokaku was left handed) (handedness needn't be a big factor, but it can be come one under certain conditions) particularly in a society that didn't "allow" for left handers.

Try writing with your non-domiant hand (imagine doing this while learning HOW to write, spell, etc.), try doing the same with a fountain pen, now try it with a fude and sumi . . . what fun!

Now let's do it in a Confucian style learning environment. I don't know if his father tried to teach him writing, I kind of doubt it, but wouldn't THAT be interesting?

Tough enough with a Japanese Papa looking over your shoulder. Tough enough with a Samurai Japanese Papa looking over your shoulder. But to have a Samurai Japanese Papa looking over your shoulder who's idea of motivation is burning moxa on your finger nails . . . well that might JUST be enough to turn a person off of writing for life! No special disability required!! And you get to go through life not only without having learned how to write, but also with the knowledge that folks are whispering behind your back that you are illiterate (and all that label implies) and you get to carry around constant feelings of inadequacy and shame over being an embarrassment to your father and family.

Nice! One might be led to overcompensate in other areas and develop a bit of a "complex character."

Maybe . . .

~ Allen Beebe
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