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Diana Frese
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Re: Ethical questions before Shodan exam

Kalimera, Stelios (i forgot how to say good afternoon or good evening)

This is Artemisia again, not Greek, but learned the Greek for my Latin name, after all, Greek was first!

I was hoping for the best about your test, but didn't get a chance to post. You had a lot of good advice, and I didn't want to try to tell you what to do (I am such an old person)

This is a really serious injury, I hope some friends can help you with the shopping and household stuff.

I stopped training because of a knee problem. But as you know I was in construction with my husband, I didn't get it in Aikido. Actually I hadn't trained in a year back then, the place we were living had no back yard, and I was busy (like so many people)

The following spring came around and as usual about once a week I visited my parents, but spring had arrived again and my husband and I were doing some stretches in the yard and I did the stretch over the toes on both sides. Ended up getting plantar fascitis in my heels, and eventually my knee ended up weird. I didn't check out about possible surgery for my knee, we were very busy, and I was able to have a small group a couple of years later next to his art and woodworking studio. Small space, 6th floor, large, unsafe looking windows in old building, and most students had some injury or other reason for not rolling.
The "little dojo" lasted for a couple of months and was very good, but we needed to rent the space out for financial reasons. I was surprised at how much can be done even without rolling for people with injuries.

But you, a new shodan?! Don't take chances .... you should let it heal, don't make your friends lose sleep worrying! I used to love suwari waza and all the rolling, but I can still train in some way.
I was also thinking about daily life, the doctor said my knee had normal range of motion and I decided to settle for that, not to take chances in trying for rolls and suwari waza.

Don't take chances, listen to the ladies! (I forgot how to say "please" in Greek
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