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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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I would be interested if anyone has sources/theories behind the illiteracy being just a rumor. That's pretty interesting. Is it a mistake in history, a slight against him, or was Takeda actually making people think he was illiterate on purpose?
Sokaku had probably what is called dyslexic dysgraphia

Q:I understand that Sokaku was not interested in studies as a boy and was illiterate.
A: Although it is said that Sokaku Sensei was totally illiterate, I understand that he actually could read. It seems that when he was a child he had a reason for declaring that he would never write. I have heard that whenever there was an election, he would practice writing the Chinese characters of the name of the person he was going to vote for and then go to the polls.

In dyslexic dysgraphia, spontaneously written text is illegible, especially when the text is complex. Oral spelling is poor, but drawing and copying of written text are relatively normal.
Finger-tapping speed (a measure of fine-motor speed) is normal.

Linguistic Dysgraphia
Otherwise known as dyslexic dysgraphia, the most common type of material-specific dyspraxia, Deuel and Rauchway describe this disorder as the inability of a child to verbally spell or write words correctly. Unlike individuals with dyslexia, individuals with linguistic dysgraphia read well and display good comprehension of what he or she reads. The handwriting of individuals with this disorder is often poor. While handwriting may be poor, the individual may show the ability to draw well.
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