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Bruce Baker
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Kamae/ combative stance

Although I must agree that the many stances of everyday life will strengthen your efforts to accomplish physical goals, the mental accumen of combative stance is the stance of no-stance.

Our stance creates the power of our movements, it gives us balance, poise, mobility, agility, and determines how and where we can move, but it is the adaptive mind that lets us move in combinations and understands the effectiveness of stance.

This weekend, I attend a seminar with Dennis McGinnis of Cincinatti, OH, and he touched on an important factor of balance and using the bodys weight to create the motion of a throw. We simply lowered our weight until our butts touched our heels, then gently kneeled without taking a step to effect a throw.

Stance, balance, use of weight ... all very important factors in causing movement, and following movement.

We do have some pretty tight training with "T" stances, and movements to train in Aikido's intricacys, but having the presence of mind to practice your Aikido with everyday movements is always a good idea. Just don't restrict your thoughts to practice regimens, but usefullness is your everyday life.
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