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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

I would be interested if anyone has sources/theories behind the illiteracy being just a rumor. That's pretty interesting. Is it a mistake in history, a slight against him, or was Takeda actually making people think he was illiterate on purpose?

I've also been thinking about the "Yamato" thing. I've seen English language sources claim that Yamato and Daito are alternate readings. But the famous "Yamato" as in the historical Japanese people is not 大東/"big east," it is 大和/"big Japanese," correct? (ie the one with "Daiwa" onyomi)

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I'm weird, when someone tells me they trained with so and so, at such and such a place, in the middle of their story I ask them, "Where were the bathrooms?"
Reminds me of the Angel Island anti-immigration techniques. Went there on the tour with family. During the Chinese Exclusion Act times, they started to get too obsessive with this technique, asking "how many steps led up to the front door" and stuff like that! But the bathroom question makes sense. If you really spent any time there, that question surely took on particular significance to you at some point..
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