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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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Jonathan Wong wrote:
-Takeda was illiterate (and had to be told by his own student that it shouldbe read "Daito ryu"). I am absolutely convinced he was a smart guy. But being illiterate closes LOTS of doors. So all I said was it is a possibility that he didn't know the historical context of his teachings as well as Ueshiba did, upon learning from him.

I'm not sure he was illiterate.
I've seen native Japanese argue over the meaning or pronunciation of certain Kanji. In the passage you sited I believe the conversation was more akin to it could be read either of two ways. I would have to look it up.
Illiterate your whole life, and you showed up with an ever increasing array of makimono. Where'd they come from?

I'm weird, when someone tells me they trained with so and so, at such and such a place, in the middle of their story I ask them, "Where were the bathrooms?"

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