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Re: Ethical questions before Shodan exam

Some days ago, i did a shoulder MRI as i was curious of the extend of the damage. The bibliography mention motion loss (like, for instance, one with a complete rupture cannot use a screwdriver) but nothing close to what i observed...
The MRI showed that the rupture is not complete, there is still a 30% of tendon that refuses to let go if the glenoid joint! Yes, the biceps itself appears to have migrated to the lower part of the arm (roll down) but i can do all movements, albeit with some difficulty and pain when raising my arm above head height.
So...i will not be attending classes for a couple of months in order to give it some time to recover. This is very difficult (almost impossible, really) as very young kids are around the house and someone must provide from the supermarket for the family...
I am trying to be optimistic and think positively. I am taking chondroitin and glucosamine supplements (not scientifically proven it works but you never know...the cartilage in the joint has been severely damaged), i tend to eat more fruit than usual and keep the system hydrated as much as i can. If i have a moment in my daily routine i would also visualise the rupture to be healing and the biceps to be repairing itself....
I am avoiding surgery at all costs and have thought/searched about it extensively. Since my arm is working (even with less strength) i am not curving it open to repair. A personal approach and not necessarily the correct one...
Again, thanks to all for your support. It really means a lot to me.
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