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Bruce Baker
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criminal intent/ letter of the law

I have been reading the last few pages, and listening to names of the 9/11 victims, so if I get a little weird ...

The realization of a protected society, yet in trying to keep the exceptional freedoms of our persons is a near impossibility. We must give up certain freedoms to maintain order and law within a society, but we must also be able to provide support to that society to maintain freedoms.

Every country around the world decides what freedoms are important verses what supports are needed to maintain law within its society. Sometimes we work within the framework and the spirit of the law, other times we are on our own with the opportunity to hurt ourselves. Those choices of each society are the freedoms they have chosen.

Each of us finds the means to survive in our society, within the substance and means of our contributions, and we try to create the somewhat free areas of choice while depending upon the safety net of the law with fair enforcement.

Considering the small percentage of enforcement available, on average a dozen enforcement individuals per ten thousand residents, the bulk of law enforcement depends upon its citizens. That would be ... you ... and me.

Considering this disparaging number of enforcement, I would say that our moral and physical presence is required to interact and support these systems of justice.

So, does our plight of physical intervention by use of Aikido, or other means preclude our incarceration for interceding? I hope not.

We are, no less, responsible to enforce and interact with the laws of the land in both the spirit and letter of the law. Sometimes the spirit does not come across in the letter of the law, but that is choice of society as it changes and updates its words to meet the spirit of society.

Although I don't always reveal the many secrets of Aikido, my training has opened up many secrets to the variety of options Aikido offers, verses say ... a front kick, or a jab trying to force an opening.

Would you jump into a group of football players and start a fight? Probably not. Although I would like to know enough to protect myself as the little old man who could have the option to protect himself should violence occur.

Our dilema becomes the solution ... just as much as it is the problem. The use of violence to stop violence is the inevitablity of war. It is bad enough we narrow our minds to the bigger picture and let individuals send us into a war, but in being prepared to defend yourself you should gather the knowledge you need to work withing your societys laws and spirit of those laws.

Hopefully, we will find a way to live in peace by balanceing the economy, food, shelter, and basics of humanitys existence, and eliminate the need to have war to acquire greater power or wealth.

As for O'Sensei ... didn't he give up on the practicality of peace and retreat to his beloved farming during WWII? I would say that his statement was to make peace within yourself before you can ask someone else to do so.
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