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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
lol, That was actually pretty tame compared to some. He just comes off that way sometimes, old guys and the internet... fughetaboudit!
heh heh.. yeah I think I am just constantly on edge about the state of the discussion regarding these topics. Dan, thanks for the clarification.

Yeah it is kind of a weird time now, where I've come into this. The work has largely been already done regarding pointing out the truth of information flow in the genesis of aikido. (Thanks to folks like Stan Pranin.) So now this point in history is mainly just a point of curiosity, rather than an argument about truth and half-truths. I would be interested in further details as an enthusiast-- but like has been said, ultimately it doesn't affect much in terms of disputed history, or in terms of training.
I just can't help speculating on things, since it is so interesting. I loved Hidden in Plain Sight for this.
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