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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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Dan, I don't know what about what I said got you excited there. I was pretty ignorant before, and learned a lot over the last few years starting with reading your posts here, so I think you will see that much of what I really am saying is in agreement with you. What I actually said:

-Takeda was illiterate (and had to be told by his own student that it should be read "Daito ryu"). I am absolutely convinced he was a smart guy. But being illiterate closes LOTS of doors. So all I said was it is a possibility that he didn't know the historical context of his teachings as well as Ueshiba did, upon learning from him.

-You'll like this: I actually was suggesting that even with book knowledge, Ueshiba didn't have any special skill until receiving teachings from Takeda. It's the same thing you just said! So please don't put words in my mouth, it is only creating argument where I have none against you.
I agreed with everything you said excpet for a few points.
The "presumptions abound don't they"...was a general comment, not aimed at you personally...I should have qualified that. Sorry.

I was just at dinner in Hawaii with some old dogs who were talking about Koryu and the old days where we had to fight about DR being the source of Aikido...and someone said "Isn't it great we don't have to argue that anymore!!" I think I need an occasional reminder...oh well.
There are still some interesting rather nuanced points, and even more revealing (and very cool) surprises showing up from that source even today.
We good? .

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