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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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The amount of discussion on Aikiweb suggests it has exploded, but is this topic also spreading beyond Aikiweb? How many of the (let's say) one million aikidoka have heard of this?
Good point Dave.
I can only say I am meeting more and more people at seminars who never read aikiweb. They heard from friends.
Every healthy person has a group they talk with. Hobbyist even more so. So take an aikiweb readership of 50,000 and start calculating friends of friends of friends.
The numbers are not as important as the work. It is the people who actually do the work who are going to impact the arts in the long run. It is all but unavoidable. In time you won't function like normal people, you will have a bujutsu body and on contact people will know there is a difference to one degree or another. From there it's a matter of how much you guys want to help out others and your willingness to put up with the BS we've had to.
I just had a guy with 18 yrs grappling experience (under the Machado brothers) who more or less thought I was full of it...go at me in an open room. I proved my point quite well as I didn't use waza to stop him.,It was much the same for Takeda and Ueshiba wasn't it? In the fullness of time, do you think it will be any different for you guys?
It will change, it is already changing. And people are really happy and gratefull. These are good days for the arts, And contrary to all the BS and occasional wierdos who post on the net, we still have the internet (as the newer version of the age old "word of mouth" between budoka) to thank for it. .

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