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Re: Kingfisher Bokken

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I got a hold of a kingfisher they other day, I think it was a sanded one, looked great, suprisingly light but felt great. Perhaps their Iwama model or the higher grade wood is a little heavier?

The grip and the finish was very comfortable and it felt well ballanced. I think it would be a good choice if you want something fast and make a lot of contact in your weapons training.
I got the shinto bokken and the jo from Kingfisher. Both are hand cut grade 7 and I am very happy with them. I tried some bokkens and jos before (I am not telling which manufactures) but these Kingfishers are by far my favorites. Balance, feel and durability are what counts more for me.

It's true that they cost more than the other manufacturers,,, but hey they will last you for a long time. Maybe they will outlived you . "You get what you pay for" is mostly applies here !

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