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Re: Kokikai vs Aikikai

Shane Bournival wrote: View Post
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and waiting to start practicing again after the birth of my new baby in a few weeks. I was thinking of switching styles and dojos from Kokikai to Aikikai. Can anyone tell if one is better than the other as far as effectiveness against attackers. I know a lot say that Aikido with ki is softer. But what does that mean? Another thing that draws me toward Aikikai is that it is THE style of Aikido, and most media weather it be print or video seems to be geared toward the Aikikai style. Please help
If effectiveness against attackers is what you are looking for, then I'd suggest to look outside of Aikido for offers a slower learning curve than other approaches if self-defense is your priority.

If you are looking for effectiveness within Aikido, I agree with the post that it is all about the instructor.

That said, there are some styles which generally lend themselves to developing effective technique in a shorter period of time than the Kokikai or typical Aikikai approach.

You might check out Yoshinkan, Yoseikan, or Tomiki Aikido if there are any representative dojos in your area.

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