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Re: Changing perspective

Yes I have noticed that I have changed between each grade. How my response to an upcoming test has become less and less towards worrying about the test itself and more towards just continuing to learn. I remember frantically practicing to prepare for my first test and being really nervous about it, being very high energy for my second and more relaxed for my third. Now I am preparing for another test to come soon and feeling much more relaxed about it. Now instead of worrying a lot about the specific techniques on the test I look at what we are doing in class and look at the parts of similar techniques and variations that are related to what I will be needing to demonstrate on my test. For instance I will be having to do a fair bit of swari waza on my test but I don't do much at all in regular training because I need to be careful of my knees. But I look close at the standing versions of these techniques and when I do a little kneeling practice I can find the similarities and use them.

I really like this place I am in because it allows me the freedom to continue moving forward instead of stopping everything to concentrate on just one set of techniques.

As we continue to grow and learn our perspectives change and we start seeing things that once were big concerns as inconsequential. It is all a part of the process.
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