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Changing perspective

Hi everyone,

During class this weekend my sensei announced that we'd be having a grading in the next couple weeks. You should have seen how alert the whole class suddenly became! It got me thinking though, this (5th Kyu) will be my second testing and I've changed quite alot since the first. Before I was more concerned with not knowing what to expect, and now I'm more aware of honouring the mentoring that's been poured into me by so many people. Before I would only see a blur of hands and feet moving everywhere, and be quite surprised if anything worked. Now it's all that, I'm just more aware of some things feeling good, and alot more aware when I don't do it right!

So I was just wondering how you've changed between grades, how your perspective's changed over the years. Can you target a changing 'theme' for each grade or era, or is it more of a subtle combination of experiences for you?

The world changes when you do.
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