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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

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Thought #2: If the above were so, and if Stan's conclusions are accurate, that O-Sensei is really NOT the father of Modern Aikido . . . perhaps discussion of HIS art is most accurately posted a Non-Aikido Martial Traditions section.

Just a thought . . .
Well, to follow your logic, what you are forwarding should then place modern Aikido™ in the Non Aikido martial traditions.
Ueshiba's Way- of - Aiki would be the entire upper section, discussing things like six directions, heaven /earth/ man, breath power, know...the things he talked about all the time that was his after interrupting the practice of everyone of Chiba's generation and telling them that they were in fact NOT doing his Way-of -Aiki.

Ueshiba's truth, just like the old man, still comes shining through over his son's generations efforts. So it's a question of trying to find those who know it. Kisshomaru's generation efforts; and Modern Aikido™ itself, is a pallid comparison to his father's Way of Aiki.
Here's one for the old man!
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