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graham christian
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Re: Thoughts on Ki, Aiki, Aikido, etc.

To do with the word Aiki I agree with your view but also I expand on it in my Aikido.

Using the view of Harmonious and harmony when it comes to using the term.

Therefore I teach harmonizing with all aspects as Aiki. For example unifying mind and body and having them work in harmony. That's one aspect.

Leading the mind comes under this aspect. Then there is leading the Ki, harmonizing with it. Thats another aspect.

Then there is harmonizing with the motion and thus I call this Aiki motion.

Just three examples but one simple basic. Learning harmony. A path.

It's just that simple, that's why it's so hard.

Just my contribution to your thread.

Here's a bit of 'zen' for you. Simple is simple.


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