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Brian H
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Javier Martinez (javnitro) wrote:
Yeah right. If it is necesarry for everyone to stop eating meat in order to save the forests, well, everyone has to stop eating meat. Or let's imagine that we have to pay more taxes to stop starvation in another country. It would be human common sense to do it. That is something that is called solidarity.

If there are to many people to feed all of them, we can execute the excess - "for the good of all".

Just because something has a "noble goal" of "saving one child" or "helping all" do not mean it is good at all.

Hitler acted for "the good of all."

I train to better myself. When I do so, I make the world a better place. I find ways to make a difference to in other lives and do not rely on any government to do it for me or expect them to do it on my behalf.

When an individual is not important compared to the group than he can be disposed of by the group without consequence.

PS Is this a spelling bee?

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
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