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Brian Heanue (Brian H) wrote:
19 Moslem terrorist belonging to a moslem terrorist organization were responsible for 9/11, but "Moslems" were not)
It is spelled Muslims.
Brian Heanue (Brian H) wrote:
I find Kevin's choices inspiring and admire him for making them, but they are not for me. If I was forced to make the same lifestyle changes, for the good of all, it would be oppressive and I would be unlikely willingly obey (and thereby become a criminal). What works for Kevin sucks for me.
Yeah right. If it is necesarry for everyone to stop eating meat in order to save the forests, well, everyone has to stop eating meat. Or let's imagine that we have to pay more taxes to stop starvation in another country. It would be human common sense to do it. That is something that is called solidarity.
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