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Re: Terms: I.S., I.P., Neijin, Fajin, Aiki, etc.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
But Tohei openly dismissed the way O-sensei presented his thoughts (in terms of kami, etc. see his interviews), so are we really entertaining the idea that Tohei fully respected the intricacies of the religious overtones in O-sensei's lectures?
Good point and it speaks to Graham's interpretation of kokyu as universal love. Kokyu has to do with a special type of trained force skill and you can call it love or donkey or lemonade, but it is what it is, despite any terminology changes. Tohei was saying that in his interview where Ueshiba referred to Kami but Tohei dismissed it as simply dropping of the center. In that case they could both do a certain I.S. trick and knew how to do it, but Ueshiba artificially painted the trick with Kami. Was he wrong to do so? Who cares, as long as he could do the trick correctly? If he couldn't do the trick correctly but did something else and called it Kami, that would not make it the same I.S. trick. The same idea holds true with calling "Kokyu" "universal love"..... the discussion is moot unless actual kokyu skill is being used, isn't it?

2 cents.

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