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Re: Seminar in Honolulu with Dan Harden - July 1st - 4th 2011

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Another great workshop with Dan - less material, but more depth and details this time.

Dan's suffering out at the sandbar today, then extra training at Ala Moana Beach tonight.

Life can be tough when you go to a workshop around here .

Look for the next Hawaii workshop the first weekend in November, November 5th and 6th.


Well, ...I...certainly had fun. I hope folks will continue to re-focus on the more important basics and not substitute the eye candy and external.
It was great seeing new faces....including the member of that super race who does bjj. Good grief, his teeth alone lite up the room. Some day I have to get to brazil, if only to see the .

The sandbar was great, so was spear fishing, but getting past 20' , free diving and not having my ears hurt will make my day! And now leaving!

I might be doing a seminar on the big island and one on Oahu, one week apart in Nov. We will see.
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