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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

I had a pretty high ranking Shihan do this on me but it didn't work I felt a forward projection but could easily post. I asked him to do it twice but didn't want to push it further for fear of offending.

Now you would say, well if he had really tried, then he would have broken your arm to which I would say, then my initial suspicion that it's a elbow break technique was correct.

Now, interestingly, I tried this on some yudansha and asked them to resist and it had VERY different effects. When they tried to resist, it resulted in them almost smacking their face on their knee.

However when trying on my boxing sparring partners, I couldn't get the desired effect even when simulating ideal break of posture. One of the problems is that fighters are taught to resquare their hips to their opponent as fast as possible, making taisabaki, tenkan extremely difficult. Even some newbies who have a good innate fight sense do this.
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