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Re: Farewell Aikido

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Dear Jonathan,
What makes you think that the writer Insanity did not find good Aikido? The aikido was probably good, it was Insanity who was lacking/had issues. As far as I am concerned he /she was simply deadwood.Apart from paying the dojo subs what did the person bring to the party?Zero.The usual martial arts butterfly-floats from one art to another.Our mystery contributor [courageous soul-doesnt even want anyone to know his /her identity] is a plastic samurai if ever was one.No big loss to the aikido community.What we need is committed people not part timers.I get so fed up wasting my time trying to teach people who jump ship within a month .I say give me two students who are keen rather than 50 who are deadbeats.Why do these people enter an Aikido dojo? Anything worthwhile takes time and effort to master.
Cheers, Joe
Though I agree he probaby didn't have the most constructive attitude (possibly a great undertsatement), I think he didn't find good aikido beacause A) they never trained with resistence and techniques always worked unless he specifically asked uke to resist and B) it required faith to believe it could ever be effective. At the very least he should have been around people who could show that it worked for them (easy to show by throwing him as he resisted), and give him the tips needed to start making it work for him (at least some of the time with people of his own level).

Jonathan Olson
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