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Re: Open Letter to My Students

In terms of how many times one can train per week/month ... sometimes for some people it really is a matter more of convenience than need and really reflects priorities (just as for some people they complain about not having money but always have the latest tech toy, or highest price cable tv option, or a stack of new books on the coffee table or plenty of cigarettes and beer on hand...whereas when some complain about not having money, they may have actually chosen between dojo dues and putting new tires on the car before winter)... what I also carry away from George's post is the "somebody else will do it" attitude from dojo members, as if their dues were just membership in a health club and NOT part of actively supporting a dojo community. To me this is inexcusable ... there is always a half hour *somewhere* in the week one can do a run for needed supplies or dust the shomen or whatever, even if you can't necessarily get in for an extra class or even if you are nursing an injury.

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