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Russ Q
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Re: Open Letter to My Students

Thank you George Sensei....,

To Robin: I think what George is trying to say is you do have time...we all have the same amount of's how you prioritize. I am probably one of those "not so committed" students he is eluding to....I train 3x per week (teaching) I get an extra day when my sensei comes to visit, an extra weekend when George comes up this way and, maybe once a year, I go visit him when he is hosting a seminar. I could train more...I choose to spend more time with my kids, I choose to spend my money, generally, on things other than aikido training. I could choose to spend more time training with the quality instructors that abound in the Pacific Northwest, I could choose to spend more money doing just that....these choices would have consequences I would rather not face. My choices, I realize, are not bad, good or indifferent...they just are. That's today....I hope, as my children grow, as my income grows I can make choices more suited to my desire to progress in this art.

My two cents,

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