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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, the underlying purpose of writing a column is not to express my end-all be-all perception on the topic, but to be a catalyst for conversation to learn more.

A lot of what we have been talking about is the accuracy of the words we use when we talk about something, and how important it is to choose those words wisely.

Yet, we each have some of our own personal experience that we use in the transderivational search to make sense of other's word through our own relevance. Too often leading to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Other times, leading to deeper introspection and insight.

Thoughts? (Yes, I am always asking.)
Thank you for explaining for I look at is as a discussion, a sharing, but sometimes wonder if I'm being too 'definite' in my communication.

I agree with everything you say above and yes I do believe you have a natural skill as a catalyst for sharing thoughts. An admirable quality if I may say so.

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