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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

David Warden wrote: View Post
Doing Aikido mindfully, an interesting concept. My understanding on doing things mindfully comes from a Buddhist weekend retreat, where one of the many things we were asked to do was to do everything mindfully.

While I know O'Sensei was not Buddhist, I too often use this frame of reference of reference.

IMHO, its similar to the idea that meditation comes sequentially after relaxation, concentration, and contemplation.

When asked about cross training I often say when you do Aikido just do Aikido when you do the other arts just do the other arts. Let them integrate on their own.

I see many people practicing mind-full (with a lot on their minds other than Aikido) and mind-less (being blank as in brain dead), but I don't see many practice mindfully (intelligently consciously present).

So I see a higher level of training when one is physically intent congruent with their mental intent.

Thanks for reading and responding.


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