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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train


But once again it depends as to what is meant by the words used.

Disciplines and concepts for example are words used a lot but what as?

Using love as a set rule with no excuses would be a discipline for example. Using principles which fit love and unerringly following those principles would be a discipline.

Then we come to concepts. Concepts aren't ideas, they're not just thoughts, they're not things someone said. How many differentiate to that degree. In fact that's the art of communication is it not? To get the receiver to have a conceptual understanding of what you are saying.

So for me you can have data, ideas, beliefs, considerations, and all kinds in the mind and thus mental, but until spirit gets involved and differentiates to a conceptual understanding then it's pretty useless stuff. In fact when you finally conceptually understood how to tie your shoe lace for example then you didn't need the mind to refer to. Now all you had to do was improve your skill.

Hence I always say spiritual disciplines and concepts myself.

Well, you did ask for my thoughts. Hope they're at least interesting.(ha ha)

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