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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, the mind is often very present and very disciplined.

Look at the strength of depression, anxiety, phobias, etc.

Its the content that is based on ignorance and attachment, negativity.

Many people are very mindful and disciplined about maintaining exactly what they don't want.

Laws of attraction and agreement would suggest we manifest whatever we focus on.

The unconscious cannot negate. Its a language/suggestion thing.

Beware what you tell yourself not to do.

Being present and negative as in phobias etc. I agree and also that the content is based on ignorance, attatchment, negativity.

Disciplined? This is where I differentiate and find it's time to distinguish me spiritually from the mind.

Thus the discipline is indeed me holding on to it, keeping it, using it to justify whatever. Hence all meditations basically are about spiritual concentration and letting go of such negative thoughts, the negative mind.

Thus also we come to a spiritual way of mindfulness. That is following principles of goodness, love, kindness and thus the good effects of actions. When the effects are not good then the review is in order, both spiritual and mental.

Here's the thing, spirit creates mind, spirit can handle mind and correct it or let go of it. That's my view.

So once again it's about how 'deep' or advanced we take the discipline or mindfulness, to what degree.

Indeed there's much we tell ourselves not to do, can't do, must do, etc. We build our own prisons through non-acceptance etc. We believe many things suggested to us thus belief becomes another part of the mind and may also be a nutty belief. Thus the need to spiritually wake up and and let go of that mind for this is what is meant by zen.

Zen is spiritually being in the now, thus we must first admit that a lot of the time we are not even here and thus the mind has full control.

You mention a lot in a short few sentences, I like it. These things I all take time and discipline to understand more and more like 'the law of attraction' and 'agreement'

All fascinating stuff. Personally I see the law of attraction stemming from complete non-resistance and natural or universal agreement stemming from love or unconditional love.

Aikido thus for me is a good way of expressing these things and testing them for real.

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