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Re: What kind of forum member are you?

Yes Tim it is difficult to write in a forum in a different language, but a good exercise, I improved a lot, at the beginning I had to look in the translator for every second word. But now I write more fluid, but I'm sure that I'm making a lot of mistakes, the main thing is that people understand what I'm trying to say.

Thanks Graham I really don't care, and that is what our teacher is telling us many times, just to be ourselves, our friends and family will appreciate us like that and the others doesn't matter.
Another thing is the "dan-sickness" and I'm happy that my teacher doesn't suffer of that disease

Thanks William, helpful is good, and I think the people who are close to you will understand your sarcastic nature.

Thanks Dave, you sure have many interesting things to tell, about beeing amusing for me it is easy with people I like, and try always to be positive, the glass is half full
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