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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, when I look around, mindfulness and intense training is desired but not necessary for life, only because I see so many people training and living without either. I too spend/spent a good deal of time on relaxed automatic pilot without any real direction or discipline. ..... Some times I just want to scream, PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. Of course the look at me and say they will if I will.
Hi Lynn, (not meaning to seem like a "smartass, but here goes anyway...) I figured out that I can't afford to "PAY ATTENTION", so I try "Give Attention." Of course, some days are better than others... it's very difficult to not descend to a state of being on auto pilot/not really flying...

A large part of my ongoing practice is to be/do the most simple, clean, clear action as possible while being attentive to the results and willing to adjust and continue the process... resulting in "Don't quit, and don't die" without "worrying" about the inevitable. Being in a mindful state while being as relaxed and willing to stay on the "razor's edge" at all times filled with kokoro no sutemi while showing whatever state of "my outsides matching my insides" without fear is is very difficult... until it isn't. Being is a constant state of flow. Being aware and conscious of this while being completely successful at this is impossible, but being attentive to the qualities of the ongoing "randori" of life's "suchness" is THE THING. Taking part with the intent to "uplift all beings and do as little harm as possible" is the whole ball of wax as we continue .... what a joy to take part!

Well, as usual in this form of communication, too much kuchi waza. Which is why many of us love budo practice so much. It's about DOING... and the DO is the WAY... or, DO-BE, DO-BE, DO....BE!!!!.....

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