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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
So in conclusion Shugyo and Mindfulness both compliment and indeed are necessary to each other in any good training and in all walks of life.
IMHO, when I look around, mindfulness and intense training is desired but not necessary for life, only because I see so many people training and living without either. I too spend/spent a good deal of time on relaxed automatic pilot without any real direction or discipline.

Perhaps this helps account in some measure for the state of skills we often discuss here.

Yet, as I try to apply these concepts more in my training and life, they both improve.

Some times I just want to scream, PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. Of course the look at me and say they will if I will.

As always, thanks for joining the conversation. IMHO, thats how we stimulate, facilitate, and perpetuate a deeper understanding from the simple ideas I originally present.

Compliments and appreciation.

Lynn Seiser PhD
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We do not rise to the level of our expectations, but fall to the level of our training. Train well. KWATZ!
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