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Re: Shugyo: Mindfully Train

Peter, you question how mindfulness aids training in quality?

You think Shugyo is to do with transforming Keiko?

I disagree completely.

Keiko is of itself and Shugyo is of itself. Both are indeed excellent.

Lynne put things nice and fluid and clear and indeed the clarity made it look 'simple' or 'simplistic' but this is a sign of the communicator understanding what he is saying and thus a plus not a minus.

It's o.k. to point out all kinds of definitions on the way to conceptually understanding but it's the conceptual understanding which is the important part and that's what this gives.

Shugyo and Mindful.

As you point out the different nuances of Shugyo let's get to the basic concept which applies to all definitions of the word shall we?

1. It's a discipline. That means focusing on and practicing , following, principles continually. Hence a 'disciple' as an example.

Now whether your talking academics or physical activity or playing playstation the focus on rules of operation and continual practice, undeterred, is the discipline.

So Lynne is talking from the basic concept of Shugyo and applying it to physical, mental etc.

Now we come to mindfulness. The basic concept.

1. Being aware of, giving attention to, effects caused by such actions with care and consideration.

This differenciates it from Zanshin which doesn't necessarily have care and consideration in it.

Thus mindless would be not worrying about the effect caused on the others, another, environment or indeed self.

When doing a marathon for example you would have enough attention out in case of potholes in the road, timing, optimum speed, obstacles, how the body's feeling etc. etc.

All this while exercising the disciplines involved in marathon running.

Not doing so would lead to you running into a lamp post or overdoing it and collapsing etc. Mindless.

So in conclusion Shugyo and Mindfulness both compliment and indeed are necessary to each other in any good training and in all walks of life.

Cordially. G.
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