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SCAP ban on MA in Japan

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
Aikido may have been more multidimensional (as far as waza is concerned) until the end of WWII. Immediately after the war, the allies forbid the practice of all MA in Japan.
Not _exactly_. The SCAP ban, from things I've read and from personal info from folks who were there (my teacher amongst 'em) was really directed at the ultra-nationalist factions that used budo as a wedge/sledge/edge/hedge before and during the war.

Many dojo (if they could afford to do so and had students remaining) continued practicing after 1945 (IIRC: Ueshiba among them, in Iwama).

However, some other systems, such as Sekiguchi Ryu, which was, I understand, favored by the kempeitei (Sp?) and some other nationalist groups, was pretty soundly squashed and some systems were almost lost in the late 40's due to the restrictions.

However, all that said, I find myself agreeing with Mike to some extent. I believe that Ueshiba (or at least his spiritual/technical heirs -- dare I say 'handlers'?) intentionally changed the (at least the public) aspect of aikido, in order to seem more innocous and more friendly to the masses.

Same thing ahppened across the budo community, I suspect.


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