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Re: Hitori Geiko, an Aiki Perspective

Graham, the only failure I recognize is the failure to try. Fear of loss is a greater motivator than the desire for gain. Kudos to you for your never quit attitude to improve yourself and your students daily.

Clark, your concept of “duality training” is interesting, and I implore you to expand on it at your convenience. Thanks again for your gentle support and advice to all who strive to grow in Aiki.

Niall, thank you much for your amazing and fascinating glimpses into Japanese culture, both past and present. May we see you expand more into their relevance to Ueshiba Aiki in articles to come? That would be awesome. I sincerely hope that you will find time for those shore walks soon.

Jeramy, your reference to “shadow” self training needs more explanation, along with your findings of how they improve your art. Something’s working, as you are definitely doing something right! Thanks for the support.

Daian, the music of your poetic stories resonates well with the contributions of others that you compassionately support. Training with Hubby, it doesn’t get much better than that. Hooray for “futari geiko”!

I must have missed Jun’s recent alerts for articles, and I was out and away from my computer to contribute in time.

Thank you Daian, Carina, Clark and others, for thinking my articles to be interesting enough to post. Conrad, thank you for your kind words as well.

To all, a great and prosperous summer!
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