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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

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These days everything I do and think of in regards to aikido is framed around IS/IP skills. Coming from a lineage very similar to Keith, whom you quoted, I now see the point behind pretty much everything we do.
this thread is listing horribly...

To expand on my original post.

I've also found yard work to be a great frame of reference for my aikido as it is today. Mainly because of the ample opportunities to work on the IS conditioning. Digging post holes, throwing sod, planting (digging of any sort really), even mowing the lawn (sometimes),are good repetative ways to work on that conditioning and it translates right over to the mat. As with all this stuff, the details are in how you do it, but once you have a good idea of that it's hard to not do those things and feel the difference compared to how you would do them otherwise, especially a few days later. I've never been one to enjoy that sort of stuff on its own, but I find myself enjoying that time a lot more now.
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