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Diana Frese
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Re: Brothers

Hi again, Niall, I was so fascinated by the column each time I revisited it that I forgot to add to the poll. The birth order of my husband and his brother and sisters is
1. (himself, Chuck) male 2. female 3. male 4. female

If I remember correctly, the elder of his two sisters was in track in high school, the younger is also very graceful (looked pretty good at irimi nage "twenty year technique" after dropping by for only one class )

Chuck, the older of the two brothers, taught karate for several months, with the permission of his teacher from his former college, first at a friend's aikido dojo before the landlord sold the building, then in an art loft before that, too became unavailable, then on my parents' lawn before his work schedule intervened .... So anyway, I guess that answers a couple of questions from the "poll"

Concerning the DNA post in your blog, the only thing that comes to my mind right away is, their grandmother was "crazy about" swimming! I'll write a little about my own family in a day or so....
Thanks for presenting an interesting topic with great examples, also from all you others who posted comments

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