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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

The orginal question is helpful in understanding the disconnect in this conversation.

What is your frame of reference for understanding Aikido?

If we each could define our frame of reference: with examples of say we are now in Aikido might be helpful.
Aikido means different things to different people. To try to have conversations assuming that it means the same things to all of us keeps leading us to the same place.

I think an Aikido site is an excellent place for authortive people who say they have the answer to dominate because a lot of people who train in aikido have no interest in having power over another or in being right even on an internet board.

So the same conversation keeps happening. Some of the players change but after a while we realize that resistance prolongs the attack. Relaxing, laughing at myself and training are better responses for me.
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