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Re: Announced Vs. Unannounced Testing

Congrats also Dave!!
A couple of weeks ago towards the end of class my sensei sat down on the mats next to the students and then motioned for my sempei to go out onto the mat... Then sensei said my name to go out on the mat. I though ohhh no he is going to test me now? Whats going on? Now way. So I go out and sit and bow to a very grinning uke. Sensei started naming off techniques and I did my best. Then at the end of class he said... Hmm I like pop quizzes. I was soo darn relieved that it wasn't my test. HAHA. Now I have to be on guard because I don't know if what I am doing is a pop quiz or a test.

That next week my sempei had his testing. He knew a week ahead of time about his test. It went really well. After seeing the way it was conducted I am not nearly ready to test now. So no one has talked about it and I have not brought it up for the past couple weeks. I think we should wait for another couple of months.

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