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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

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Thanks Dan I see better where you're coming from now.


I want to be clear that I have a wide range of friends in the arts: Some who only are concerned with martial; sport or otherwise, others who could care less and are simply not in it too much for the martial side of things, and then others....firmly in the middle.
The only things -I judge- are at the two extremes of the spectrum.
1. The guys who have no clue what a real fight is or what real weapons can do and who have convinced themselves and their students that their shtick will work.
2.The martial guys who poke fun at the guys who don't necessarily care about the martial side and are having fun any way. They never said they were...leave them alone. Go straighten out the deluded ones.
Everyone else... is somewhere in the middle and having fun.
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