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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well...that certainly is P.C. but if one is "CLAIMING" to be effective and or to have aiki...then all things are NOT equal and some people are full of it. If they're just havingfun ...connectng in some fashion and there is no delusional statement attached ..then who cares what they do.
Hi Dan -

That's the first time I've ever been accused of being politically correct. And who said anything about "CLAIMING" this or that or said anything about all things being equal?

That's all beside the point. The original question I posed to you which you answered by turning it back on me is:

As Aikido students should we be left to go on our merry ways be they delusional or otherwise or have our feet to the fire of some contrived standard of measurement?

Your two quotes I posted in my original post seem to argue for both sides of the question.



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