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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

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....It was Yoshida who introduced Ueshiba to Takeda). Anyway, the larger point being that there were a number of students of Takeda, and some who trained long and hard. Ueshiba clearly became the most "famous" especially once the art of Aikido took off in the later years......
......Trying to say the world is a heck of a lot bigger and more complex than a lot of folk in Aikido would like to believe it is...
Hence the reason Kisshomaru tried to bury very real and powerful connections. Its tough to be a "legend larger than life" while standing next to your equals or betters.

Isn't it really the way of aiki ( that is the unique study in Japanese history. It is the reason these aiki arts stand apart as different. I was drawn to this "way of aiki" by Stan Pranin's writings about Ueshiba's teacher, Takeda. It was intriguing and I used to call him in Japan to discuss it. I saw that it's potential was beyond my experience.
So funny thing was:
I was drawn to Aikido™ because of Daito ryu.
I quit Aikido™ because of Daito ryu
I am now back in Aikido™ dojo all over the place teaching because of Daito ryu.

The way of aiki is what binds together a certain sub group in the martial arts. More and more...are caring less and less... about the defensive barriers and walls that folks have put up to separate us.

Aiki is living free in the world. Ueshiba caught his part of the vision, and all people do is try to copy his vision, that they can never have, instead of walking free.
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