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Russ Q
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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

Within maybe 20 minutes my son was sitting in his grandpa's lap, leaning back so that his little head was nestled against grandpa's cheek reading grandpa one of his favorite books.

Now THERE was some ai (love) ki (joy) on contact! Seeing the inter generational (in/yo) bond (musubi) happen instantly (katsu hayabi), between my kids and their grandfather formed a bridge in my heart (ame no ukihashi) and I felt that my own departed father and all of our ancestors somehow were enjoying that moment with us, a sense of the high plain of heaven (takamagahara) shining down upon my jaded and world weary sense of life for a moment, a sense of unity, wholeness, and at home (O-moto).
Love it.
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