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Bruce Baker
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vibrations and sounds

I know I went into this on another thread, but here I go again ...

There are vibrations from energy, chemical reations, even the molten core of the earth creates a vibration of our world that is modified with the layers of crust it must vibrate through. This is our strongest sound of creation, the sound of our living planet with a molten core.

We know that we have a variety of forces moving the crust of the earth and that there are different ways to detech the energy that resonates through these layers of rock and define the changes in vibrations as sounds ... some of which are detechable to the human ear, and some are not.

Most people understand the value of resonance sound, the sounds that compliment each other to increase the power or volume of the sound, such as operas, bands, or in most music. That is the simple way to explain the complimentary sounds.

We also know that certain sounds are detrimental to the human emotional psychi, as well as certain resonance vibrations that can be detrimental to structures, or earthquake vibrations which is the transfer of vibration energy ... also found in tsunami waves.

OK. Now that we understand the basic concept of vibration, or energy transfer, we move on to structural vibrations in life, as well as inanimant objects.

The simple explanation of vibrations or sounds, is to have experienced sounds that are either soothing and pleasing, or those that put you on edge or give you a headache. Experience teaches you what soothes your personality, and gives you pleasure, so your personal taste in music may be a result of finding the combination of soothing sounds that work for you.

What has all this got to do with the Kotodama?

Well ... Understanding that there are sounds from the earth, from the life that exists on earth, and that there are stimuli of vibrations that can either enhance or detract from movement, preserve or destroy objects, or even the power to heal with pleasure as there is the power to influence illness.

O'Sensei was pursueing the positive side of using these universal sounds and trying to understand their importance in movement, healing, and opening the mind to the univesal secrets of understanding.

All martial arts have certain sounds for increasing the power of their movements, some are correct, and some are not. Some increase power, some increase power but cause illness due to the effect upon the internal organs and the channels of energy in the body.

In any case, the kotodama is the universal sounds of life, movement, and religious enlightenment ... I just wish there was a detailed way to explain how and why the sounds influence movement, health, and the minds well being, but I have yet to see a definitive book on the subject. The general concensus is to practice, experience, and learn from the basic sounds.

I am sure the lesser explanations of beneficial resonance sound, and music are the validation of the greater sounds of energy and movement, but this too is my experience, and an unproved theory at this point in time.

The proven test is to use these sounds in movement, and if they impove it without illness or ill effect, then they work.

Of course, there are teachers who know the power of sound can be effective, and they treat these sounds with respect for they are just as effective as being hypnotized with a post hypnotic suggestion ... maybe that has something to do with our genetic makeup? I don't know.

I do know, I have a dozen or so sounds that are effective for movement, and healing. I will continue to learn.

Reasearch different martial arts, different areas of the world, and even different languages have simular root sounds for movement and increasing power. I expect the crust of the earth, the environment they live in has something to do with the slight variations in the root sounds.

The Kotodama is just one example of these movements, these sounds, these ways to heal.

For Aikido, it is the sounds of Aikido, and some of the secret sounds found around the world. Learning the sounds of Kotodama might be equal to reading your first book as you begin to see the larger picture of energy, vibration, sound, and Aikido is truly the strength of nature itself.
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