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Re: Judo and IP/IS

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If you mean a 2nd 3rd or 4th hand story of an event that may or may not have happened over 80 years ago then yes, pointless.

Better to have a first hand account to try and understand what you see in the Judo video to get a better insight to what you are espousing.

Hey I'm not espousing anything. And you can't go by first hand accounts no matter how experienced they are....ask people here. Your Grandfather says it's all a scam, don't believe anything.

Think of it...I mean, seriously...what are the odds that these Asians know anything that sport science and you ...haven't figured out already right?
Mifune's just a combination of those guys not trying real hard and good technique.
Cardio, core training, kettle bells, (it will help you rip them over in Seoi nage) and you'll be just fine.
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